• 05-12-2022
  • Announcement, Feature

Affinities Redefined in Clash of Beasts: Awakening

Enigmatic and dangerous, the gods of Veren have no clear motivation beyond the continued spread of their divine influence across the lands through the affinity of their devout followers. Stretching their grasp for power into the new update, Clash of Beasts: Awakening re-introduces the gods – Vorm, Gaia, Theras, Haala, and Slern – in a whole new light.

Vorm, the god of fire, towers over Gaia, goddess of nature and primal life, scorching the earth beneath her with fire and rage. Gaia reaches out her tendrilous vines to embrace earth and withstand the torrential might of Theras, the unfathomable goddess of wisdom and water. Theras unleashes her tsunami drowning Vorm and his fiery presence, completing the cycle, and synchronizing the powers of Veren. The gods Haala and Slern bring harmony to Veren, acting as counterbalancing forces – strong against one another, but by their very nature, weakened when defending by the influence of their counterpart.

What does this new affinity mechanic mean for you, Beastmaster? When your beast is aligned to Vorm and is attacking a Gaia tower, you [1] inflict additional attack damage and the [2] probability of you inflicting a critical strike is increased. In addition, you will have a [3] greater chance to cast a debuff on your opponent. To say it a different way, when your beast is aligned to Gaia and is attacking a Vorm tower, your attacks will be weaker, and your critical and debuff chances are reduced.

Clash of Beasts: Awakening defines affinities on another level which opens vast tactical approaches in warfare – and we can’t wait to see you apply that in battle! Join us in exploring Veren in the new update, Beastmaster!

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