• Affinity-Haala
  • Role-Rouge
  • I
    Tier I

Beyond the mortal plane, strange dimensions of magic and emotion shift and shimmer, flirting with reality in a strange, infinite dance. Formed by the whims and willpower of their makers, they are pure expressions of fundamental forces, and, of course, the gods themselves. The Embrace – Haala’s personal domain – is a realm of drifting clouds, eternal sunrises, and glorious lightning, and is home to the Angelic Host – her most powerful servants.

Talvara is but a messenger of these creatures, a mere errand-runner, but it is this ‘weakness’ that allows her access to the New World. With the aid of essence, she can bridge the darkness between dimensions, projecting her lesser form into the mortal realm to serve Haala’s interests here. Only with a colossal sacrifice of energy and essence could a stronger member of the Host be brought over, but that has not stopped Haala’s faithful from many, many fruitless attempts…

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Deadly Strikes

The beast fires a high powered, focused strike at a target. Keep tapping to attack. Consumes stamina.

Holy Chainfire

A blast of energy that leaps across multiple targets. Deals damage on each hit!

Resist Barrel Tower

(Passive) Resists 15% of all damage dealt by Barrel Towers!