• 31-05-2022
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Clan Conquest

Clan Conquest Event Overview

Clan Conquest is coming!

Clan Conquest is a brand new PvP event, where five clans battle against one another to capture and hold territory across a newly discovered region in Veren!

Each clan has their own starting HQ, which cannot be invaded by any enemy clan. All other sectors on the map are neutral, and ripe for the taking!

Players can only initiate attacks against sectors which are adjacent to their own. With each attack, you will gain Territory for your clan within that sector. Gain 100% of the required Territory in a sector, and it will become yours! When a sector has been claimed, it will become impenetrable for a short duration. Each sector owned will grant its owning clan Conquest Points over time, and the clan with the most Conquest Points at the end of each round, wins!

Structures can also be built upon owned sectors, as a means to provide it with a unique enhancement within the event!

In order to take over a sector owned by another clan, you must first complexly remove that clan’s Territory presence from within the sector by attacking persistently. Once the clan’s owned Territory within the sector has been reduced to zero, it will become neutral once again, then it’s anyone’s game! The first clan to reach 100% Territory will claim it for their own!

There are 10 clans fighting across two maps throughout the event, these 10 clans will be shuffled and re-distributed across the two maps throughout the event, and these 10 clans will be shuffled and re-distributed across the two maps between each round.

We hope you enjoy playing the new Clan Conquest event, and please remember that this is just the first iteration of the event, so we are looking forward to hearing any, and all feedback that you have about it and if there are any changes that you would like to see!

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