• 08-11-2022
  • Announcement, Community Update

Clash of Beasts: Awakening Overview

Greetings, Beastmasters!

Today, we wanted to give you an update on the next update for Clash of Beasts, which we’re aiming to release at the beginning of December. We’re extremely excited to show you this fantastic new and improved Clash of Beasts, and we have so much news to share with you, we thought now would be a great time to start!

Firstly, let’s lift back the curtain a bit, and discuss why we’re doing this update at all. Over the last several months, we’ve noticed many areas in our game we want to make significant changes to. We saw a lot of room for improvement in the game, and we know you did too. We came up with a list of major feature changes we wanted to work on over the coming months, and we saw an opportunity to tackle all of them at once, intertwining them together. This is necessary too because the systems are designed to work together to deliver a more cohesive and fun game. So, without further ado, we’re proud to present Clash of Beasts: Awakening!

Clash of Beasts: Awakening represents a total and complete re-imagining of the game and how players experience it. We’re not exaggerating here, we set out to rethink everything, and make a game which is fun to play every time you play it, whilst sticking to what makes our game unique, the beasts! We opted to rebuild the game from the ground up, focusing not only on features which complement the current gameplay, and instead asking ourselves what we envision as the best version of our game, and making it happen, even if this means redoing whole features. In this article, we’ll give a high-level overview of some of the major features, and over the next few weeks we’ll release more detailed articles as we get closer to the release date to give a solid understanding of what to expect!

Let’s kick things off with one of the biggest and honestly, most exciting changes, the core Battle Gameplay. In Clash of Beasts: Awakening, instead of selecting just one beast at the start of a battle, you’ll select up to four. Battles become more tactical through building a strong team, relying on the synergy between different classes and abilities of the beasts to form a powerful quartet to obliterate your foes. This change removes the overreliance players have on only a very small pool of useful beasts and expands the battles into a much more interesting strategical decision.

We wanted to ensure that with all these new changes, the battle doesn’t become too complex and overwhelming so we’re overhauling all our existing beasts to only have a basic attack and one powerful ability each. Each beast’s basic attack will be automated, which means an attacking team will have four abilities, each of which will be unique, allowing you to make distinct combinations for effective battle encounters. Beast Mana will be completely removed, and instead, each beast will have a recharge timer in battle. This simplifies the gameplay, meaning you don’t need to pick which ability to activate and can synchronize the team’s unique combination of powers and attacks for devastating results.

That’s far from all we’ve got planned. In Clash of Beasts: Awakening, we’re making the selection of a beast and which class you go for a much more meaningful choice, and integral to the battle experience. With a four-beast team, you’ll have to carefully compose teams based on an effective counter to the enemy’s base. Not all beasts are created equally, and some bases will require completely different tactics to beat. The four classes will be as follows and will be specifically geared towards turning the tide of battle in different ways.

  • Tanks – Acts as the main line of defense for the team, drawing aggression and utilizing shields.
  • Mages – Focus on crowd control, healing spells, buffs for the team, and debuffs for the towers.
  • Rogues – Utilizes mostly devastating single-target attacks, stealth attacks, and status-effect debuffs.
  • Warriors – The main damage dealer of the team, also utilizes rallying buffs (formerly Berserker).

With these changes to classes, you’ll be able to compose a team with a mixture of beast types, making the process of selection a more strategic and tactical one. For example, a solid team composition will mean that as your team rounds a corner to an enemy island, you can prepare your Tank with a sturdy shield ability to protect your team from the impending attacks, whilst your Mage activates their abilities to buff your damage dealers, increasing their power to ensure they make short work of the unwitting towers ahead! One other big change we’re adding to the game is an auto-play feature, which will have your beasts act automatically during battle.

We’re also adjusting beast stats across the board. Currently, beasts have a simple stat setup, with just HP and Attack. In Clash of Beasts: Awakening, we’ll be adding more stats to beasts which can be customized and improved individually, making battle strategy and optimization a big part of the game, and adding value to all beasts. We really wanted players to be able to use the beasts they want to, rather than have it decided for them by simply introducing progressively more powerful beasts. In Clash of Beasts: Awakening, we are getting rid of the Tier system currently used for beast releases. Instead, new beasts will be released much more often than they currently are. We’ll at first only be releasing 39 beasts into the game of our original line up, all with the changes mentioned previously, and with new ones just around the corner.

Next let’s talk about the changes we’re adding for beast progression. Beast progression will be based on a combination of three new systems. Prestige allows you to raise the current maximum level of a beast, giving a beast longevity meaning that, if you particularly favor the style and visuals of a less rare beast, you can now exceed their strengths and abilities to compete with the likes of even the most powerful Mythic beasts! Enhancements allow a player to further refine and customize the power of an unlocked beast, making for a wealth of opportunity to build the team you want. Ascension grows a beast’s power further, unlocking its full potential as you collect rare artifacts through campaign mode, which enhance the beasts stats, and allows them to grow with the game. We’ll go into a lot more detail about these new systems of Beast Progression in an article coming soon!

Speaking of big changes to Beasts, let’s talk about another huge improvement we’re making to Beasts; how they are unlocked. Currently, beasts are unlocked by training two parent beasts, and then breeding them. This leads to a very unrewarding experience, as you can invest heavily into the ‘wrong’ parent beasts, only to find you’ve wasted a boat load of Soul Shards, and in some cases, having nothing to show for it. We want every interaction where you’re summoning beasts to feel rewarding, so we’ll move away completely from the Beast Breeding mechanic, and towards a new system which doesn’t rely on players grinding levels before progressing. We’ll be introducing a new currency to the game, used to summon beasts directly, which will give you the chance to unlock even the most powerful beasts for your arsenal. We’ll have featured beasts which could be Legendary or even Mythic beasts, which have a higher chance to be summoned during their featuring. This new currency will be obtainable via regular game actions. We’ll release a separate article on this new beast unlock mechanic soon, too, so watch out for this.

Moving on from the beasts, let’s talk about Campaign mode, something we’ve mentioned in our roadmap already. This new game mode will see players fighting in a PVE story mode giving a new way to earn goodies such as XP, artifacts for ascending beasts, and many more useful rewards aimed at improving beasts! With every completed mission, the campaign progresses, the battles become more challenging, and the rewards, more bountiful! Campaign mode will be released with the first 3 chapters unlocked, and as the feature expands over the coming months, we’ll add more maps presenting you with greater challenges. Campaign Mode becomes the overarching story of Clash of Beasts, and releases of new chapters will also mean new progress for endgame players.

With Clash of Beasts: Awakening, we’re making some changes to the base building and tower defense features of our game. Towers will now have no mega attack, and instead will have a single regular attack and an ability each, like beasts. We’ll go into a lot more detail in an upcoming article, talking about the balancing changes we’re making to towers, and granting you better tools for customization of towers to make the whole process more engaging. In that article, we’ll also cover the overhaul of the Workshop, which gets a completely new purpose.

Base building isn’t the only progression system we’re changing. Another awesome addition is the overhaul of player level and progression we’ll be adding. Currently, players gain XP for building and upgrading their base. After the update, player XP will be gained from many different actions. Progressing in level also won’t unlock new building levels, this will be done instead through an all new research tree. This leads to your player level being a reflection of your progress, and not a thing which dictates that progress. Your player level will no longer determine your PvP matchmaking opponents either, which means you don’t find yourself choosing between progressing your level and being outmatched or stalling your progress and being overpowered, with diminishing returns due to the Beast XP caps. As with everything else, more details to come!

Speaking of PvP matchmaking, we feel Clash of Beasts is and should remain a heavily PvP focused game, so, we’ve decided to add a more detailed layer of rewards to the game’s core PvP battles. In Clash of Beasts: Awakening, we’ll introduce a refreshed PvP system, which adds more challenge, rewards, and fame for those at the top of their game. We’ll be adding a ranking system, and leagues, which you’ll climb to earn progressively better rewards. This new PvP league system will totally replace the current matchmaking system, making for an overall more balanced experience for all players based on their relative skill and power. You’ll no longer be locked behind your player level, and instead you’ll find yourself pitted against worthy opponents, and being rewarded generously for your victories. You can already read more details about the new PvP system on our Roadmap, and more details will follow.

As you can see, the changes being made to Clash of Beasts represent nothing short of an entire reimagining of the game and the foundational building blocks that will frame the support for a significantly improved Clash of Beasts going forward! With Clash of Beasts: Awakening, we’re rebuilding the game from the ground up, and so, in order to create a fair and enjoyable experience for all, going forward with this new release, it is imperative that certain areas of player progression within the game will also take a fresh start. Any existing progression relating to elements that are being reworked to support new systems will be reset, this includes base defenses and buildings, city level, and even beasts!

Rest assured however, for all of our existing players prior to this upcoming update, the progress that you have made in the current game will be far from wasted! Specific unlocks, rewards, and purchases will be carried across into the new version of the game where possible, and whatever cannot be, will be adequately compensated in the form of an assortment of new rewards and resources for you to kickstart you into your new Beastmaster journey! We’re sure you’ll have loads of questions. Our Community team are ready to answer them as best we can, please go ahead and join us on our Discord server in case you’re not already there.

So that is a rundown of the main changes which are being included. There are actually a whole lot more changes coming, too, but these are all smaller tweaks which will balance out the game based on the major changes. We’ll release more info on everything being included closer to the date.

Thanks for reading!

Thanatos – Lead Community Manager

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