• 08-12-2022
  • Feature

Collect Mighty Beasts!

Collect precious summoning scrolls and activate them to form Soul Stones, unlock up to 39 powerful new beasts. Watch out for the rarest beasts of all, the pride and joy of the gods themselves, Legendary and Mythical beasts. Build an army the citizens of Veren will marvel at and use it to obliterate your foes.

Clash of Beasts boasts an arsenal of mighty creatures, each one assigned to a specific class with special attributes, and affinity alignment. Beasts have a unique ability which when harnessed can be used to crush your foes for the glory of Veren! Train your favorite beasts to increase their power and unlock their potential. Equip them with divine enhancements to aid them in battle, and give them the edge against your greatest foes!





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