• 31-01-2022
  • Feature

Collect, Train, and Breed New Beasts

Collect, Train, and Breed New Beasts!

Clash of Beasts boasts a collection of over 65 mighty creatures, each one assigned to a specific class with unique attributes, and affinity alignment.

Create your own powerful roster, choose from mighty dragons, griffins, cyclopes, elementals, and many more mythical creatures! As they join you in battle, you are empowered by the brute strength of Tanks, the cunning abilities of Rogues, the devastating spells of Mages, and the raging attacks of Berserkers!

Unlock and collect beasts of different rarities, and get higher tiered ones by training parent beasts, forging them together, and summoning these powerful creatures with the use of Soulstones.

Watch out for time-exclusive Legendary and Mythic seasonal beasts to add to your collection too!

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