• 27-09-2022
  • Community Update

Festival of Oceans Update

Greetings, Beastmasters!

We wanted to give you an update on our development progress, as well as the Festival of the Oceans. As we’ve mentioned in past announcements, our Development Team is hard at work on a huge overhaul of Clash of Beasts, which we’re planning to release towards the end of the year. The update contains big changes, which make our game more fun, and focus on reducing the grind and repetitive gameplay elements.

Today, we’ll introduce one new feature, as well as one change to an existing feature. But let’s first talk about the Festival of Oceans. We know many of you have been eagerly awaiting the release of the next festival. Unfortunately, it is with regret we inform you that we will be delaying the festival’s release indefinitely.

The festival itself requires quite some work still to be done to make it ready for release, and dedicating time towards this will ultimately result in further delays to the big update. Simply put, this release is very high priority, and as such, takes precedence over the release of the festival.

What does this mean for our crustacean friend? We’ll be looking into what we can do to bring this beast to you all, but it is unclear yet if this will be in the form of a festival, or something completely different. Of course, we don’t want the work done for the beast and the festival to go to waste, and the crab is an awesome design, so we want to bring it to you, most likely after the update.

Speaking of the update, let’s talk about some features! First up, PvP Battle System changes. You’ll find a more detailed explanation on our Roadmap, but a short summary is that we will introduce a new PvP Battle, Ranking, and League system. This system gives players something to individually strive towards, earning some fantastic rewards along the way. Each battle won in the PvP Battle system will reward players with ranking points. Collect enough to rank up, and improve your rewards received at the end of each weekly ranking period. The new system will change things up, matching you with a worthy opponent, and ensuring a challenging fight!

The second topic we’d like to reveal is some upcoming changes we’ll be making to the Quest system. Over the last few months, you’ve asked us for more quests, more variation in the quest system, as well as changes and more consideration to the balance of quests. With the update, we’ll be adding a weekly and monthly questline, giving you more opportunity to earn rewards. Also, completing your daily/weekly/monthly quests will earn you a completion bonus!

As mentioned, a more detailed preview of both features can be found on our Roadmap (click here), as well as some cool concepts for the new screens you’ll see in-game soon!

Thank you

The CoB Community Management Team

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