• 01-03-2023
  • Event

Gold Raid Event

Glorious gold is ripe for the plunder in our enemy’s cities, Commander!
It is time to loot Gold and earn event points towards individual prizes. Climb the event leaderboard, and claim even more fantastic rewards! What are you waiting for?!

The Gold Raid event is our first new event to be re-introduced since Clash of Beasts: Awakening. Playing the event is simple! Fight players in PvP and plunder their precious Gold reserves. Event points are awarded for Gold looted during the event, and count towards your event ranking. Collect rewards for individual milestones reached, and climb the event leaderboard to beat other players to coveted prizes, claiming your rightful position as the best of the best.

Remember, careful planning and strategy should be employed to ensure you make the most out of the Gold Raid event! Be sure to not only focus on plundering others, but also on spending your own gold as well, keeping your enemies at bay by protecting your Gold Mines and Treasury stores! To access events, you need to have first unlocked the Clans & Events research in your Research Academy. Once done, you’ll find the new Events interface by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, just above the attack button. The Gold Raid event runs for 4 days, and once over, you have 24 hours to claim your individual and leaderboard rewards, so make sure you return, and collect those hard earned gains!

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