• 11-08-2023
  • Event, Feature

Jewel Forge Clan Event

Clanmates unite!! Enemy ships are heading to their bases carrying precious cargo. Raid and loot their ships, and claim them for your clan!

Climb the Clan Event leaderboard and unlock rewards for you and your clanmates! Strategize and fight your opponents to stay at the top!

Jewel Forge, our newest Clan vs Clan event, is here! Generate Crystals and use them to forge coveted Jewels. Ship your precious Jewels to your clan’s HQ to generate event points. For every Jewel which arrives at your clan’s HQ, you rise in the rankings. The clan with the most points at the end of the event claims victory, and the spoils.

But of course, forging Jewels with the Crystals you generate isn’t the only way to win… attack enemy bases to plunder their Crystal stocks, and use your loot to forge your own Jewels, accelerating your Clan’s progress, and stifling your opponents. Attack enemy ships in transit to their HQ to be in with a chance to loot their Jewels and claim them for yourself.


Attacking opponents in Jewel Forge event requires Event Energy, which regenerates over time, and you can also purchase more Event Energy for Gems. Each time you attack an enemy player’s ship, you have a chance to loot Jewels or other prizes from them, alongside Crystals for your own stocks. Each ship can carry up to 3 Jewels at a time, and if a ship has a Jewel successfully looted, they gain a temporary protective shield, which prevents incoming attacks. To successfully stop your opponents progressing, time your attacks to loot up to two of three Jewels from their ships as their defensive shields expire.

Work with your clan to climb the event leaderboard, whilst keeping your opponents at bay. Your event prizes will be dictated by your clan’s rank, so it is critical you join the event and do your part! Players who don’t score any points during the event will not be eligible for the leaderboard rewards. Another change with Jewel Forge and the re-introduction of clan events is that they run alongside single player events, and don’t replace them, meaning even more chance for rewards for your participation in Clash of Beasts events!

Don’t forget, to access events, you need to have first unlocked the Clans & Events research in your Research Academy. Once done, you’ll find the Events interface by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, just above the attack button. The Jewel Forge event will run for 4 days, and once over, you’ll have 72 hours to claim your leaderboard rewards, so make sure you return, and collect those hard-earned gains!

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