• 26-07-2022
  • Patchnotes, Producers Letter

July Developer’s Notes

Greetings, Beastmasters!

This new update will kick off the third season of Clash of Beasts, the Season of Judgement! The gods feel angered by all the death and destruction wrought upon Veren as a result of the invasion and conquest last season. Set on punishing those responsible, the five gods each craft a perfect champion beast with which they task to enact their own personal judgement against the savage mercenary armies.

The season will begin with the release of the first two legendary beasts; Thera’s champion, Coba, the sturdy Sapphire Drake, and Gaia’s champion Jade Drake, Jadril. The remaining Legendary Beast, and two Mythic Beasts will become available later into the season.

Season 3: The Season of Judgement will be longer than the previous two seasons. This is because the next update for the game will bring some major changes to the game! There are a lot of focus areas within the game which we want to improve upon in order to try to ensure that we are providing you with the best gaming experience possible, and the next update will see to address and improve all those areas. We will have more details to share with you on these changes soon, but we are all very excited for you to see what the next chapter of Clash of Beasts!

In the meantime, we will still have our cyclic array of recurring weekly events, and of course, to account for the increased duration of the new season, we have added even more rewards into the season branches! Keep active and invested in every event to ensure yourself a full collection of all this season’s beasts!

Additionally, the next festival will soon be on the horizon, The Festival of the Oceans, a celebration to the ancient god of fortune and the seas, Aquos. Just like with the previous festivals, players can participate in a special time-limited questline, providing them with a unique currency to cash in for an abundance of valuable rewards, and aid them in obtaining a brand new Festival Beast! The Festival of the Oceans will begin on the 19th August and run until the 2nd of September, so be sure to log in every day not to miss out!

In addition to a new event, this month’s update will also introduce a new Clan Boost feature! Players can collaboratively donate resources together with the rest of their clan (just like with Clan Perks) in order to give their clan a little “boost”. This boost will diminish over time, so be sure to coordinate with your clan to keep it always fueled up for maximum benefits! The Clan Boost feature can be found within the Clan Research structure in your clan’s Kingdom Map.

Since the game’s release, we received a lot of feedback about the “Join Attack” notification sometimes being rater disruptive to the game experience, especially when appearing during certain actions like upgrading towers. We took on this feedback and have now added a “Mute Join Attacks” button within the main city HUD. By default, this option will be switched off when you start each session as the game is still fundamentally a PvP-focused game, and clan/multiplayer interactions are core to the intended game experience. However, this option is fast and accessible, so being spammed by pesky unwanted attack notifications is now a thing of the past!

We have been working to try to streamline the flow of your regular and core actions within the game; selecting to attacking with a beast! Where previously, the flow had consisted of choosing a beast, selecting to attack, selecting an opponent, selecting to attack, selecting that same beast again, selecting to attack… again, and finally being able to initiate a battle. We have now added a convenience “slot” system within the game’s opponent selection screen, so that you can now select your beast and your next unwitting opponent simultaneously, all from within the same screen!

Additionally, we have made some improvements to the visualization and functionality of the Clan Hall, which now allows you to easily access the leaderboards of all divisions as well as granting a more concise overview of your own Clan’s details and progress!

The Season of Judgement will end on 29th November, and as previously mentioned will coincide with some massive changes and upgrades to the game! More on this soon!
In the meantime, make sure you don’t miss out on securing your positions at the top of the season leaderboard!

Aside from the new features and changes that have arrived with this update, we have also been working hard to address all of the feedbacks and issues that you have reported to us. We are pleased to say that the following reported issues have now been resolved:

  • Matchmaking only showing opponents 5+ levels higher when the player reaches level 81.
  • Attacker’s beast name and its health bar are not displayed during a 2vs2 multiplayer battle.
  • An error was seen when donating to clan research with X2 try when only 1 opportunity remains.
  • Issue where some pairing of beasts would show no results if attempting to combine in the Forge.
  • Issue where shop prices were missing for some users.
  • Player avatar is still displayed for the other users in battle despite the fact that the user has disconnected or quit the battle.
  • Frequent battle errors and lags during the Clan Conquest event.
  • Melliferia’s Royal Honey spell description was missing the “passive” tag.
  • Issue where competing a 5 star attack in Raid Wars did not unlock the Auto-Attack option.
  • Error displayed when attempting to create a new clan.

As we add more features into the game, there is always the likelihood of more issues arising, so we really appreciate you taking the time to reach out and let us know when you encounter any problems. Please also rest assured, that if you have reported any other issues that you are facing with the game, we are looking into it, and will have news for you as soon as we can.

We would love to hear any feedback you have on these July changes and updates, or any thoughts that you have on the game generally. So please don’t hesitate to let us know here, or via any of our social media platforms!

Enjoy the new Season, and the Festival of the Oceans, and all the rest of the content that is still to come over the next few months!

(Game Designer and Resident Beastmaster)

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