• 21-11-2023
  • Update

Patch Notes 7.11

Version 7.11 is here! This release focuses on the introduction of Boss Battles to Clash of Beasts, a new feature which will be expanded over time.


Boss Battle is a new feature we’re adding to Clash of Beasts, which presents a new challenge to players. To begin with, the feature has been added only to Chapter 1 of the Campaign, but will be used in later updates to expand on existing features and events. Fight your way to the enemy town, and defeat the boss to complete the level. Boss Battles are beasts with a big health pool, which must be challenged before destroying the enemy base. For now, Boss Battle is available in stage 4 and 8 of Campaign Chapter 1.

Additional to the Boss Battle feature, we’ve made changes to the Battle Summary screen which explain the break down for how your beasts performed in battle. It shows the completion based on beasts lost, base destroyed, and boss killed (where applicable).


In this version, we’re also adding a visual representation where the X2 speed and auto-battle options are locked due to your progress, making it more clear to newer players when the feature isn’t yet available.

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