• 02-01-2024
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Patch Notes 7.13

Our first release for 2024 is here, as we combine the work done to close out 2023 with Version 7.13! This release we’ve adding some changes to make PvP more accessible to new players. Read on to find out more.


  • To help quickly introduce new players to the core elements of Clash of Beasts, we’re removing the research requirement for PvP. This means that new players will immediately be able to participate in PvP battles, and get right into the action.
  • To help these new players to get really into PvP elements, we’re also adjusting the matchmaking for Bronze League Tier 1 & 2, ensuring that newer players aren’t overwhelmed with too much PvP action as they adjust to the game!


  • To reduce some of the event fatigue being felt with Jewel Forge Event, the event’s schedule will be adjusted from every 2 weeks, to every 3 weeks.
    • The next Jewel Forge will be January 9th, then January 30th, followed by February 20th. The schedule then continues in this pattern.
    • There are no changes to the schedule of single player events currently.
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