• 29-01-2024
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Patch Notes 7.16

Version 7.16 is here!  In this release, we’ve made improvements to the Beastmaster Pass. Read on to find out more!


  • Beastmaster Pass now includes a bonus which doubles the speed of Supplies production in your Workshop. This addition significantly improves how quickly you can progress with building up your base.
  • Supplies have also been added to the first 7 days subscription bonus for new subscribers to the Beastmaster Pass.



  • We’ve adjusted the schedule for events to allow us to test the changes with the Towering Defenses event, and will also give 4 days free of Beastmaster pass to all players once the event has begun on February 1st. This will be available via your in-game feed. If you’re already subscribed to Beastmaster Pass, your subscription will be extended by 4 days for accepting this in your feed!
  • Below you can find the new schedule, which will continue in this order until further notice:

Jan 25th – Jan 29th Gold Raid
Jan 30th  – Feb 2nd Jewel Forge
Feb 1st – Feb 5th Towering Defenses
Feb 8th – Feb 12th Gold Raid
Feb 15th – Feb 19th Remnant Reign
Feb 20th – Feb 23rd Jewel Forge
Feb 22nd – Feb 26th Relic Hunt
Feb 29th  – Mar 4th Towering Defenses

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