• 26-02-2024
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Patch Notes 7.18

Version 7.18 is here!  In this release, we’re fixing a long standing issue with game performance related to Tower Modifications. Read on to find out more.


Version 7.18 includes a fix for a critical issue some players have been experiencing related to game performance. This performance issue specifically impacts players with a lot of unused Tower Modifications in their inventory.

  • With this release, tower modifications will be given a rank based on their rarity and tier.
  • Once ranked, the lowest value Tower Modifications will be sold automatically, with the top 200 being preserved.
  • Players will receive a feed message which contains the refund of Gold which would have been received if selling the mods manually.

After this release, each time you open the game, in the background the game will run the same check on your inventory and sell the lowest ranked mods from your inventory in case you have more than 200 currently in stock.


  • The 48h timer which costs more than the maximum Gold storage has been removed from the Trading Shop. It may be re-added at a later date.
  • A mismatch between the Clan Quest schedule in the background and in the game which caused an incorrect Clan Quest state has been resolved.



  • Improvements have been made to the early tutorial quests, guiding new players in a more logical manner through the first steps of the game, and chapter 0 and 1 of the main quests.

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