• 13-02-2023
  • Patchnotes, Update

Patch Notes v6.1

Hello Beastmasters!

In this first update for 2023, we’re switching up our development cycle, and starting as we mean to go on. Going forward, we will be releasing updates more frequently, with a plan to release a new version of the game every 2 weeks! Starting from this release, we’ll also refer to the updates by their version number, with this update being v6.1. Now that is out of the way, let’s take a look at what is included in version 6.1.

First up, since the release of Clash of Beasts: Awakening back in December 2022, we’ve been reviewing player feedback, and coming up with a plan which will address that feedback over the coming versions. To begin with, in this update we’ve focused on making improvements to the core gameplay experience, as well as tackling a lot of smaller bugs which were discovered since the last major release in December. Below you can find a detailed list of changes to the game, followed by a list of important bugs which will also be fixed in this version.

Gameplay changes and features:
One of the most common pieces of feedback relates to the core battle experience needing adjustments to make it more interesting and engaging. This manifested in slow battles, and lack of control. In v6.1, we’re increasing the pace of battle overall, making battles faster. We’ve also made changes specifically to the Campaign Chapter 2 map, shortening the distance between regions, and removing the last bridge, which speeds up the overall pacing of the battles on this map.

The next change being made to improve battles is the ability to manually select a tower as the priority target. Tapping on a tower will mark it as your team’s primary target, and they will focus on destroying this tower first with their primary attack. We’re planning to add some additional changes to allow you to select the target manually for a beast’s abilities, too, but this will come in a future update. The change for marking towers should allow players more granular control over battles. It is important to note, taunt towers will override this manual tower marking, but once destroyed, your beasts will again focus on the selected tower.

Moving on from the battle improvements, we’ve also made some adjustments to Gold earned via PvP. After v6.1, there will be a minimum amount of Gold earned for 100% destroying an enemy base in PvP battles. For now, this minimum will be 50% of the cost to find an opponent, but we’ll monitor and see if we need to make further adjustments in future updates.

As well as these feature changes, we’ve also worked hard on fixing a lot of smaller bugs, and made some further improvements and tweaks to the gameplay experience. The list isn’t an exhaustive list, but rather important or very noticeable ones. Check out the list below:

– The chat User Interface has been overhauled and improved
– Some quests required restarting the game to validate, this should no longer occur
– Various localization issues have been resolved in the game
– In some cases, unlocked frames could not be selected in the player profile, this should now work correctly
– The legibility of the time remaining for supplies production in the workshop has been improved
– In some cases, tower health bars were missing in battle, this should no longer occur
– Next level build time has been added to the tower information screen
– Rarity borders in inventory will now always show correctly when switching tabs
– Your scrolls stock has been added to the Beast summoning summary screen, showing how much you have left in stock
– The Auto-battle setting will now be saved between battles
– Quests which require gathering Gold from raiding other players will no longer validate by winning Campaign battles
– The PvP ranking summary now counts from your current progress, rather than from zero after every battle
– The affinity crystal above a tower no longer overlaps with the XP popup when upgrading a tower
– The low HP highlight will no longer show on a beast after they have been healed
– Chat whisper window no longer shows an incorrect placeholder name instead of the player you are whispering with
– The quantity of an item being purchased in the Trading Post will now be shown on the icon for all items
– We’ve added information about the stats of a tower modification to the sell window
– We also fixed a lot of smaller issues with overlapping text elements and smaller user interface improvements

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