• 27-02-2023
  • Patchnotes, Update

Patch Notes v6.2

Hello Beastmasters!

Welcome to version 6.2! In this update, we’re continuing our focus on making changes to the core gameplay, whilst also adding the required systems for our first new events to Clash of Beasts. We’re also working hard to address the availability of needed resources for growing in Clash of Beasts, with the return of contracts in our revamped Battle Contracts feature. Read on to find out what is included in v6.2!

Gameplay changes and features:
In this update, we’re adding the underlying system needed to reintroduce events to Clash of Beasts. To start with, we have added our first 2 new events, Gold Raid and Towering Defenses. These events will be running soon, and we’ll do a more detailed further announcement on this topic. Don’t worry, the first event is just around the corner!

Next up, we’re adding improvements to the Ascension Relic Finder screen, making the experience of searching for the required relics easier. We’re adding more improvements to using abilities in battle, adding a visual state which indicates when a beast’s ability is queued, and will be used once their current animation completes. We’ve made it so you can hold more than 200 fragments of a beast, which also resolves the issue where these beast’s fragments being gained weren’t counting towards quests. We’ve adjusted quests which require supplies production to be dynamic based on your Workshop level, and we’ve also made some further tweaks to making Gold rewards dynamic based on your progress too.

The next big change included in v6.2 is the re-introduction of contracts to Clash of Beasts, with our new feature, PvP Battle Contracts. Battle contracts are accessible from the PvP screen, and reward gold for completing easy, medium and hard contract tasks, such as beating PvP battles using specific beasts or abilities. All three difficulties are unlocked in the Research Academy. Completing a contract starts a cooldown timer which once expired gives a new contract, and you can skip the cooldown timer for Gems.

Lastly, but certainly not least, we’re adding 5 beasts into the roster:

  • Vorgoth
  • Hadirr
  • Proudbeak
  • Djinn-Dosh
  • Stitchgrue


  • We fixed an issue on some devices where the keyboard positioning was misaligned when using chat
  • We fixed display issues with the edit Clan group chat description window
  • Pinned chats now correctly show the artwork of the other player’s avatar
  • Daily Login Gold rewards now scale with your Gold Mine level
  • A text placeholder is no longer shown in the Clan group description and Clan group name in chat for all language versions
  • Whisper chats will now display the correct player name on the right hand side when multiple whisper chats are open, instead of showing the same player name for all
  • Clan chat will not require restarting of the game to show the chat history upon joining a clan
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