• 13-03-2023
  • Patchnotes, Update

Patch Notes v6.3

Hello Beastmasters!

Welcome to version 6.3! In this update, we’re adding our third new event, Remnant Reign, which will be released on March 16th! We’ve also continued to refine the core gameplay experience based on your feedback, and made some further adjustments to battle gameplay. Read on to find out everything included in v6.3!

Gameplay changes and features:

In this release, we’ve added our third event, Remnant Reign. This event rewards you for communing with the Soul Sanctum to summon beasts to your side. We’ll discuss this event more in a dedicated upcoming post. We’ve also added a new timed boost feature system, starting with our Double Relic Drop booster. This limited time booster will double the number of Relics earned in Campaign stages, and help you to get the most from your beasts! These timed boosts will be separate from events, but may also coincide with events where they make sense, however, it should be understood that they are distinct and not events themselves. We’ll be running our first Double Relic Drop booster for 48 hours from March 14th, so get ready to be swimming in Relics!

Next up, let’s talk User Interface improvements. We’ve made adjustments to the Campaign selection screen, improving the layout as well as aligning it more with the look and feel of other new user interface elements. We’ve adjusted the quest window functionality to auto-sort completed quests to the bottom of the list once collected, for a cleaner overall layout, and to ensure incomplete quests aren’t easily missed. We’ve adjusted the size of several beasts in battle to give a better proportionality between them. Lastly, we’ve added the Defensive Power of your opponent’s base to the PvP team selection screen to easily assess the difficulty of the targeted base.

That’s not all in v6.3, we’ve also made some further adjustments to the battle gameplay interface, adding a visual cooldown indicator in seconds to the beast ability button showing how long you need to wait to be able to use it again. We’ve also added the possibility to visually see the towers which are in range of an ability. Hold down the ability’s button to be shown a preview of what is in range, and release to unleash the ability on the selected targets.

Some final additions in this update, we’ve made it so the lootable Gold is locked as soon as your opponent is selected in PvP. This means the amount of Gold you’ll earn will always be the amount shown in the matchmaking screen, and won’t change, even if the opponent spends their gold during the battle. We’ve adjusted the PvP protection shield duration from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. We’ve increased the amount of ranking points that the defender loses if they are successfully attacked. We’ve increased the amount of ranking points that the attacker loses in case they lose a PvP battle. Finally, we’ve made some adjustments to the formula of XP earned for battles.


  • We fixed an issue where the game wasn’t correctly loading when tapping on a push notification on your device
  • We adjusted the transparency of the Clan chat description edit popup window
  • We re-added the “Win PvP battle using a team of Tier X or above” contract condition to the game and fixed it so it works as intended now
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