• 27-03-2023
  • Patchnotes, Update

Patch Notes v6.4

Hello Beastmasters!

Version 6.4 has arrived! In this update, we’re adding our forth new event, Relic Hunt, which will be released on March 30th! More details to follow for this new event. We’ve added some adjustments to battle user interface, and also some changes to the early game for new players. Read on to find out more.

Gameplay changes and features:

In previous updates, we’ve made some adjustments to the battle user interface to improve the experience and in 6.4, we’ve continued on that mission. Firstly, we’ve added active buff and de-buff icons on beasts and towers in battle, which will help keep track of your progress, and know when best to activate your beast abilities. We’ve also adjusted the HP bars for beasts and towers to show future damage an attack will deal. Lastly we’ve made improvements to tower affinity coloring, which will now show on the tower foundation both in battle and city view.

The next change we’ve added is seen in the early game for new players. We’ve noticed that unlocking a 3rd beast is quite hard for new players, and blocks their advancement with the story quests. To counter this, we’ve made obtaining a third beast a part of the tutorial, similar to your second beast. To do this, we’ve made some adjustments to the Soul Sanctum for all players, which means the first time existing players try to summon a beast in the Soul Sanctum after installing 6.4, they won’t be able to use the x10 for Omnis scrolls, and, will be guaranteed 20 fragments for one of the selected beasts. This is by design, and the x10 functionality returns after the first use.

Another change worthy of mention is we’ve made balancing adjustments to all of our events and their reward branches, similar to the changes made for Gold Raid, which should give more value to these events for all players.

Lastly, we’ve improved the Beast attack and ability descriptions popup window, giving much greater detail on how the attacks and abilities of beasts function ingame. When tapping on a beast’s attack or ability in various areas of the game, you’ll now be shown a screen which gives details such as range, cooldown or attack interval, if the attack or ability will hit a single target or mutliple, and the range of an ability (short, medium or long). This change helps to clearly articulate the usefulness of a beast in one screen, and better help you to understand and plan your attacks!


  • We resolved an issue causing slow loading in the chat window when creating group chats
  • We fixed some queued spell state color inconsistencies
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