• 10-04-2023
  • Patchnotes, Update

Patch Notes v6.5

Hello Beastmasters!

Draw power from the moon with the release of Horndal in this latest update, version 6.5! Along with its release, we’ve also made some visual adjustments to the game’s interface as well as adding some new features and new game content. Check the full list of changes below!


  • New Beast – Horndal: A tank who draws his power from Theras’ moon. His abilities include:
    · Crescent Beam – His primary attack which hits a single target with a 20% chance to apply the status ‘blind’ for 2 seconds.
    · Lunar Protection – Casts a shield equal to 50% of the beast’s Max HP, while also increasing the defense and resistance of all the allies by 40% for 4 seconds.

  • Welcome Event: To welcome new players, we added a Welcome Event which will reward you with Gems, Scrolls, Energy, and the new beast, Horndal! Existing players who have updated their game to version 6.5 will also get the rewards in this event by logging in daily.
  • Quest Update: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Quests are now updated to include a quest which rewards you for completed Contracts.


  • Beast Thumbnail Update: Beast information such as beast level, class, affinity, terrain type (land/air), and tier are now displayed on the beast selection screen before the start of a battle.
  • Summon notification on chat: A system message will be posted on the World chat celebrating when a player has summoned an Epic, Legendary, or Mythic beast. The notification will only show for fully summoned beasts, not the fragments.


  • Visual changes have been made to align the following features to the game’s current interface style:
  • Daily Clan Reward (Clan Vault)
  • Transfer XP
  • Shop Packs ‘What’s Inside’ Pop-up Window
  • Top Beasts Pop-up Window in Player Profile


The following issues were fixed in this update:

  • Issue where the Barrel Tower’s cannon is not rotating after acquiring a target during battle.
  • Reduced the visual effect particles with Malok’s ability, Divine Protection.
  • Issue where beasts that leveled up through battle are not queuing properly based on their attack power.
  • Localization issue where Warrior class beasts were addressed as ‘Berserker’ in Easy Contracts.
  • Line break issue when a player has more than 999 Campaign Energy.
  • Aligned towers that are stored are shown as ‘Unaligned’.
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