• 19-05-2023
  • Patchnotes, Update

Patch Notes v6.8

Version 6.8 lets you rise above all with the soaring might of the newly added beasts, Tantalos and Tezcatlipoca! Additionally, we have several interface improvements from the unreleased version, 6.7, that we added in this version update. Read the patch notes below.


TANTALOS – With his unrivaled ferocity, Tantalos towers over the skies outperforming the guardian of the Calanti Trevass, Proudbeak, and the lesser beasts. His abilities include:

  • Cold Curse – His primary attack which releases a projectile towards a single target, with a 40% chance to apply stun for 3 seconds.
  • Winter Wave – Tantalos glides forward, damaging the towers ahead with an icy blast, with a 40% chance to reduce the target’s attack speed by 40% for 6 seconds.

TEZCATLIPOCA – On the verge of death after suffering defeat from Slern, Tezcatlipoca rose once more after spirits of three Slern generals forged into him. He is ready to wreak havoc again with these abilities:

  • Shadow Blast – His primary attack which launches shadow orbs onto multiple targets. This attack can have its power enhanced, dealing area damage on the surrounding towers, if the beast’s ability is active.
  • Dark Influence – Combines the power of multiple orbs into a single projectile, increasing the damage in each attack for 8 seconds. This enhanced projectile has a 40% chance of dealing damage in an area. Additionally, Tezcatlipoca’s critical rate increases by 100% for 8 seconds, simultaneously casting ‘Savage’ for all the beasts inside the squad, making them ignore 80% of the target’s defense for 5 seconds.


  • Additional months have been added to the game’s Daily Login rewards

The following interface improvements have been added in this latest version:

· Added color value definition to Clan Leaderboards Rewards
· Clan Search Filter interface update

· Added an indicator showing the active PvP shield informing players how long they are protected

· Improved visuals for the ‘Locked’ and ‘Sold Out’ states
· Tapping locked slots (slots that require VIP level or Research) open a pop-up that has ‘Cancel’ or ‘Confirm’ buttons. The ‘Confirm’ button takes you to the relevant area of the game which unlocks the slot.

· Research window now opens and centers on the player’s next available research. If all nodes have been researched, the window opens on the last Research node.

· Added a Supplies bonus indicator to emphasize one of the benefits of being a VIP

· Tower Modification slots include an indicator informing players of the required modification type for a specific slot

· Removed the XP value display ‘5000’ on the beast XP Packs [Essence of Relentless Beast, Essence of a Cunning Beast, Essence of Sturdy Beast, and Essence of a Wise Beast] since it causes confusion in terms of the pack’s quantity. An info tip will likely be added on future update to show the amount of XP of each pack.

· Beasts are now on an idle state during battle set-up. Previously, the beasts’ animations are on a walking state by default.

The following issues were fixed in this update:

  • Issue where players cannot summon a beast when the Great Hall is in construction.
  • Issue where relics obtained for the first time are not displayed in the inventory (player needs to restart the game to fix this).
  • Issue with the limited scrolling touchpoints in the Clan Filter.
  • Issue where Crushgrin fails to cast Awaken Fury when the spell is manually selected.
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