• 05-06-2023
  • Patchnotes, Update

Patch Notes v6.9

The aim of this version update is to work mainly on the game’s aesthetics – we want the game to look good for you! We are continuously aligning the different areas of the game to our target interface style, and we have covered some key parts with version 6.9. Read the patch notes below.

  • Add Affinity Alignments to NPC Bases: To add challenge when engaging in PvP battles against NPC bases, we have added affinity alignments to their towers. Be wary though! Haala and Slern alignments pose more danger!
  • Added Clear Chat History on Chat Settings: World chat, Group chat, and Clan chat now have the Clear Chat History button which removes all messages including the beast summon notifications.

    The following interface improvements have been added in this latest version:

  • Affinity-based Featured Beasts Tab: For a more impactful beast summon experience in the Soul Sanctum, we have changed the color of the featured beast tabs to align with the beast affinity instead of their rarity.
  • Bestiary: Beasts are now categorized according to their rarities.
  • Event Rewards Collection: We added a countdown timer for the event rewards collection.
  • Updated the following to align with the game’s interface style:
    · Settings
    · Feed
    · Daily Login

    The following issues were fixed in this update:

  • Issue where the Chat scroll bar flickers when entering the chat.
  • Issue with the Chapter II Story Quest, Unlucky for Some, where players are redirected to the next island and advised to prepare a foundation instead of being redirected to the first available foundation.
  • Issue when battling a tower under construction where the tower is destroyed but the construction node remains.
  • Issue where the Clan Leaderboard Rewards pop-up shows information about PvP league rewards.
  • Issue where players are encountering server reloads in PvP.
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