• 23-12-2022
  • Patchnotes, Update

Patch Notes v5.1

Hello Beastmaster!


We’re pleased to announced we’ve released our first big batch of bugfixing and polishing since the release of Clash of Beasts: Awakening was released. The new version 5.1 includes a long list of bugs we’ve fixed, as well as some changes listed below. You can find the update on your iOS App Store and Google Play store.
  • We’ve corrected the displayed calculation for Base Power and Attack Power. This means you will notice your Base Power and Attack Power will have dropped in the relevant screens. However, nothing has changed about Tower stats or Beast stats, the power calculation was simply not showing the correct totals
  • Screech’s “Poison Chain” attack no longer causes the Poison status effect on itself – A timer has been added to Featured beasts in the Soul Sanctum showing how long each beast will be featured for
  • The error “Error_failed_loading_beast” will no longer be shown during the summoning of your first beast during the early game tutorial
  • Beasts in your Roster are now sorted by Beast Power
  • Only Leaders and Officers will be highlighted in the Clan window
  • Tower Spells are now correctly localized to the language selected in your game settings
  • Officers can now leave clans correctly without any errors
  • The unlock conditions for Island 4 are now correctly shown and localized
  • Towers aligned to a god affinity now show in the Tower window
  • The selected stage in Campaign is now highlighted to make it clear which stage you’re attempting
  • Tower modifications won in Campaign will now show the correct names in the battle summary screen
  • The checkbox in Clan Broadcast no longer overlaps Clan Member names
  • The Collect button in research will now only show when research is complete
  • The Beast XP bar will always show the correct amount of accumulated XP for a beast
  • The ‘stars’ in the Beast info screen will now show the correct number of stars for the beast selected, not the stars of a previously selected beast
  • The Beast level up animation has been added back to the game
  • Available modifications will now always be shown in the tower modifications window
  • Clans can no longer be created without unlocking the Clan research
  • Once completed, the third campaign mission will now show the correct state
  • Tapping on the Enhance button from the Soul Sanctum will take you to the Enhance tab for the selected beast instead of the Ascension tab
  • The Beast Tier icon will now be updated after Ascension
  • When selecting a beast from the roster, the list will no longer scroll up positioning the selected beast at the top
  • The number of fragments in the Soul Sanctum after using scrolls is now more legible
  • Various localization issues have been resolved
  • Newly unlocked foundations will be displayed without the need to reload the game
  • Tower Modifications rewarded via Campaign stages is now more readable in the summary screen
  • The cooldown times shown in the Bestiary for primary attack and ability are now displayed correctly
  • The Tower Spell descriptions are now available in the tower information screen
  • Achievements should no longer have any placeholder images shown in the list
  • The text and icon showing the amount of Fragments for sale in the Fragment trader is now more legible
  • We’ve corrected the reference to Berserker in Warrior Beast Info screens
  • Beast Tier info now shows the correct class for all beasts when tapped on, and doesn’t display the Tank tooltip for all


Thank you all as always for your continued support in reporting bugs and other issues in Clash of Beasts. We’re continuing to gather your feedback on the core gameplay, and making progress to the next update which we’ll address many of the feature changes we want to make. In the meantime, we’ll continue to fix bugs and other issues as we go, to ensure the experience is stable and enjoyable.




Thanatos – Lead Community Manager
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