• 22-06-2024
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Patch Notes 7.4

Battles are won not solely by brute force, but through cunning strategies of clan leaders and officers. And this will be put to the test in the new event, Jewel Forge, coming with the 7.4 update! Along with this new event, we will be featuring again two legacy beasts, Cicada and Thorn Hurn. Read the patch notes below.


Prepare yourselves for an intense battle of clans as they vie for honor and supremacy! The new PvP event, Jewel Forge, is finally here!

Read more about Jewel Forge HERE.


Cicada – As a result of a malicious experimentation using a cocktail of volatile and unknown potions, Cicada, the Conductor of the Swarm, came into being. From a mere locust, this insect grew exponentially larger and larger, constantly shedding out its stretched and unwanted layers to make way for a thicker and more malleable hide.

  • Toxic Mist – Cicada sprays a poisonous mist in a cone, with a 50% chance to become toxic, dealing damage over time for 3 seconds. After the effect is over, it has 50% of chance to stun the affected target for 3 seconds.
  • Venom Vial – Cicada hurls a vial at nearby towers which has a 50% chance to inflict a weaken effect, decreasing 15% of the target’s attack power for 5 seconds.

Thorn Hurn – Thorn Hurn was able to free himself from the hundred years of weight burdening its back. With an arsenal composing of his Ancient Road and Dark Lullaby, this monstrosity will be hard to keep at bay.

  • Ancient Roar – Thorn Hurn roars and deals damage to towers in a cone ahead, with a 50% chance to inflict stun for 3 seconds.
  • Dark Lullaby – This ability adds leech for the Thorn Hurn’s basic attack. Also has a 50% chance to inflict stun on all towers in the area for 5 seconds.

The following issues were fixed in this update:

  • When doing multiple campaign battles, beasts might start the battle without the health bar. Issue randomly happens with any beast.
  • Camera pans and clips the snow mountain in Chapter 1: The Iceborn Tribe (only happens when the camera rotates 360°).
  • Several assets in the game are observed to be missing sound effects.
  • After defeating the base in tutorial, the beasts keep walking until it disappears.
  • Interface issues:
  • – Delete text button’s inconsistent design in menus involving the search function.
    – A scrollbar exists in the Clan Hall (under Clan Achievements) that has no function.
    – The Diamond PvP league chest reward (icon) shows a gold league chest.
    – A wrong battle summary message is showing when a player loses a battle in PvP.

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