• 27-01-2022
  • Event

Raid Wars

Raid Wars Event Overview

Lead your clan to victory and climb up the ranks in the time-limited event, Raid Wars! Maximize your energy and attack opposing clans to earn Victory Points.

Each Raid War round lasts for eight hours, and in the last two hours of each round, the clan leader or an officer can send out ships. Sending Raid ships require crystals – be aware, different ships have different costs.

Plan your battles ahead with the multiple attack modes available, each with a different set of rewards:

  • Attack: Consumes 4 energy
  • Super Attack: Consumes 20 energy
  • Star Attack: Consumes 30 stars
  • Mega Attack: Consumes 100 energy

Remember to use your Star Attack as the stars don’t accumulate. At the end of the event, you can claim rewards based on the number of Victory Points you and your clan collected! Rewards include Gems, Season Tokens, Soul Shards, Gold, Essence, and more!

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