• 30-03-2023
  • Event

Relic Hunt Event

Commander! Our enemies await us on the field of battle! It is time to pillage their encampments, and reclaim precious artifacts in the name of the gods!

Do battle with enemy factions in Campaign Mode! Take on the forces of The Iceborn Tribe, The Blood Axes or the Exiled Mages, and claim Relics of the gods to strengthen your beasts! Climb the event rankings with each Relic claimed, and unlock precious rewards for demonstrating your prowess against all other Beastmasters! 

Hunting for Relics, a rare and valuable resource, is the aim of the game in this new event. Complete stages in Campaign Mode during the event to be in with a chance to earn coveted Relics, each of which will give progress in the event ranking. Collect rewards for individual milestones reached, and climb the event leaderboard to beat other players to prizes reserved for the greatest Beastmasters.

As with other events, there is a strategy to employ! Later Campaign chapters offer a greater chance to find Relics than early chapters, but also cost more Energy. Make sure you select a Campaign stage which is not too difficult to increase your chances of success, and with it, your chances of grabbing a Relic.

Don’t forget, to access events, you need to have first unlocked the Clans & Events research in your Research Academy. Once done, you’ll find the new Events interface by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, just above the attack button. The Relic Hunt event will run for 4 days, and once over, you’ll have 24 hours to claim your individual and leaderboard rewards, so make sure you return, and collect those hard earned gains!

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