• 15-03-2023
  • Event

Remnant Reign Event

Commander! The Soul Sanctum beckons for you, will you heed the call? New and mighty beasts await your orders!

Commune with the gods to summon and enlist powerful new beasts for your team. Progress in the event with each Remnant earned at the Soul Sanctum’s altar. Remnants of rare Haala and Slern Beasts contribute greater progress towards prizes. Climb the event leaderboard, and claim your position as the mightiest of Beastmasters!

Remnant Reign, our newest event, has arrived! Offer scrolls to the Soul Sanctum during the event to make progress in the event ranking by earning Remnants. Collect rewards for individual milestones reached, and climb the event leaderboard to beat other players to coveted prizes, building a deadly team to be reckoned with as you go. Remnants of Slern and Haala are more potent than those of Theras, Vorm, and Gaia, and as such, give more progress towards your event progress. 

Align your scrolls expenditure with your Daily, Weekly and Monthly quests, ensuring you contribute efficiently to all of your personal goals. Don’t forget, if you’re running low on Scrolls, more can be bought in the  Trading Post. Another important way to gather more scrolls is from the PvP league rewards, so be sure to invest in these to maximize your stocks! Additionally, as Slern and Haala Remnants give more progress, using the currently active featured summons for those gods will give an increased chance of earning more Remnants for these gods, and as such, help you to climb the ranks more swiftly.

Don’t forget, to access events, you need to have first unlocked the Clans & Events research in your Research Academy. Once done, you’ll find the new Events interface by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, just above the attack button. The Remnant Reign event will run for 4 days, and once over, you’ll have 24 hours to claim your individual and leaderboard rewards, so make sure you return, and collect those hard earned gains!

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