• 15-05-2022
  • Announcement

Season of Conquest Exclusive Rewards

Battle it out and reach the top of the leaderboards to receive this season’s exclusive rewards.

Top 1 Player
Season 2 Leaderboard Exclusive Avatar
Season 2 Leaderboard Exclusive Frame
Season 2 Leaderboard Exclusive Background
50x Gold Chest
50x Silver Chest
50x Bronze Chest
10x 50% XP Boost
30x Elite Beast XP Pack
30x Large Island Attack Booster
30x Large Island Health Booster
30x Small Island Attack Booster
30x Small Island Health Booster
30x Beast HP Boost
30x Beast Attack Boost

Top 2-3 Players
Season 2 Leaderboard Exclusive Frame
Season 2 Leaderboard Exclusive Background
30x Gold Chest
30x Silver Chest
30x Bronze Chest
5x 50% XP Boost
20x Elite Beast XP Pack
20x Large Island Attack Booster
20x Large Island Health Booster
20x Small Island Attack Booster
20x Small Island Health Booster
20x Beast HP Boost
20x Beast Attack Boost

Top 4-10 Players
Season 2 Leaderboard Exclusive Background
25x Gold Chest
25x Silver Chest
2x 50% XP Boost
10x Elite Beast XP Pack
12x Large Island Attack Booster
12x Large Island Health Booster
12x Small Island Attack Booster
12x Small Island Health Booster
12x Beast HP Boost
12x Beast Attack Boost

Top 11-25 Players
20x Gold Chest
10x Silver Chest
1x 50% XP Boost
6x Large Island Attack Booster
6x Large Island Health Booster
6x Small Island Attack Booster
6x Small Island Health Booster
6x Beast HP Boost
6x Beast Attack Boost

Top 26-50 Players
10x Gold Chest
5x Silver Chest
3x Large Island Attack Booster
3x Large Island Health Booster
3x Small Island Attack Booster
3x Small Island Health Booster
3x Beast HP Boost
3x Beast Attack Boost

Top Players for Season of Conquest

1. xxcarysxx
2. Nomercy1450
3. XxTamxX
4. Morganna
5. LesPaul
6. Fasthandsgaming
7. Diabolical
8. DaddyWarBucks
9. PirateFish
10. BreedAndBomb
11. NFS
13. Naked_potato
14. Meli
15. Devinity
16. IcemanSlaps
17. Krypte
18. Zhen
19. rudeFregg
20. VooDooDoll
21. Nos810
22. єитнєσgєи
23. XxKongxX
24. Haro250r
25. OmegaWarrior
26. VanGik
27. SirYogiBear
28. LooneyTune
29. DaddyDJ
30. EagleFang
31. RapidFire
32. cletus
33. FaithFire
34. Joe4x4
35. Yobo
36. szieke
37. GnomeQueen
38. BlakeStone
39. Alexnoir
40. KENT
41. Abz
42. StormeFrog
43. Stormblessed
44. ххЕНОТхх
45. Charen_HP_DoT
46. Ginkoka
47. Eaglewalker
48. Sunshine
49. DirtyOlive

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