• 06-04-2022
  • Announcement, Update

Season of Conquest

Beastmaster, the Season of Conquest is upon us.

As civilizations began to flourish across the floating islands of Veren through the hidden knowledge left behind by the precursors, the tribal beastmasters started making significant leaps in social and technological advancements, though only just scratching the surface of understanding the potential that resided within the salubrious essence that courses through the veins of the islands that they called home.

However, these tribal societies were not the only inhabitants of Veren who were advancing in their discoveries. Strewn across the barren wastelands of the lower worlds, sinister scavengers and ruthless mercenaries alike were untethered in endless civil conflicts. A nation of uncivilized brutes, hardened by the knife-edge of constant survival forced upon them by the hardened and unforgiving environment of this endless wasteland.

Amongst the scurry of brutal and villainous savages rose one with greater ambition and malice than any other before him. Driven by his unrelenting obsession to wield the beastmaster’s spark, he harnessed control over the beasts of the lower world through sheer force and creative conditioning, bending them to his will.

Disseminating nefarious notions and egregious propaganda, he united the strength of the wasteland nations and set his eye upwards to the bountiful and prosperous sky plateaus, leading his armies forth… to conquer!

Watch the trailer here

The Season of Conquest will commence with two brand new Legendary Beast Branches, with two more Mythic Branches and a further Legendary to follow later into the season.

Make sure to participate in as many events as possible throughout the season to gain tokens and keys used to redeem valuable rewards and of course, magnificent powerful new beasts! The Season of Conquest will end on June 28th, 2022.

Read the patch notes for Season 2 here.

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