• 29-03-2022
  • Announcement

Season of Exploration Exclusive Rewards

Battle it out and reach the top of the leaderboards to receive this season’s exclusive rewards.

Top 1 Player
The Champion of the Forest Animated Portrait
The Season of Exploration Frame
The Heart of the Jungle Background
30x Gold Chest
5x 50% XP Boost
30x Elite Beast XP Pack
30x Large Island Attack Booster
30x Large Island Health Booster
30x Small Island Attack Booster
30x Small Island Health Booster
30x Beast HP Boost
30x Beast Attack Boost

Top 2-3 Players
The Season of Exploration Frame
The Heart of the Jungle Background
20x Gold Chest
3x 50% XP Boost
20x Elite Beast XP Pack
18x Large Island Attack Booster
18x Large Island Health Booster
18x Small Island Attack Booster
18x Small Island Health Booster
18x Beast HP Boost
18x Beast Attack Boost

Top 4-10 Players
The Heart of the Jungle Background
2x 50% XP Boost
10x Elite Beast XP Pack
12x Large Island Attack Booster
12x Large Island Health Booster
12x Small Island Attack Booster
12x Small Island Health Booster
12x Beast HP Boost
12x Beast Attack Boost

Top 11-25 Players
1x 50% XP Boost
5x Elite Beast XP Pack
6x Large Island Attack Booster
6x Large Island Health Booster
6x Small Island Attack Booster
6x Small Island Health Booster
6x Beast HP Boost
6x Beast Attack Boost

Top Players for Season of Exploration
1. Fasthandsgaming
2. xxcarysxx
3. Zhen
4. XxKongxX
5. LesPaul
6. Seireitei
8. DaddyWarBucks
9. BlakeStone
10. KingOfNight
11. PantyPiper
12. Krypte
13. Morganna
14. LaGuente
15. Boreal
16. Xanthin
17. Devdas
18. Stormblessed
19. StBlue
20. TigBittyTam
21. szieke
22. Sunshine
23. Nos810
24. Charen_HP_DoT
25. Alexnoir

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