• 25-07-2022
  • Announcement, Update

Season of Judgement

Beastmaster, the Season of Judgement is upon us.

After witnessing the death and destruction inflicted upon the floating islands of Veren by the ruthless and brutal armies of the lower worlds, no longer could the gods sit idly by watch as their world which once loved and worshiped them, was reduced to a sadistic mass of sacrilege and heresy. Angered by this abhorrent display of sheer arrogance and ungratefulness towards their benevolent grace, the gods saw it only fitting that the people of Veren be judged for their actions and punished accordingly.

The five gods; Theras, Gaia, Vorm, Slern, and Haala each forged themselves a champion, born from essence of their very souls. These five beasts; the crystal drakes, were to be the tools in which to enact the judgement upon the misguided children of Veren.

Encased within each of the drakes was a soul stone, typically used to forge beasts, but in their case, were instead used to empower them with godly blessings. The five drakes were crafted and tailored with the strengths and attributes of their respective gods, but also their weaknesses…

Much to their denial of fact, the gods were famously fickle and easily swayed under the right circumstances, a trait which was inadvertently inherited by the drakes. It would not be long before a Beastmaster with enough willpower and conviction, would harness the power of the god’s champions and repurpose them for their own benefit.

The Season of Judgement will commence with two brand new Legendary Beast Branches, with two more Mythic Branches and a further Legendary to follow later into the season.

Make sure to participate in as many events as possible throughout the season to gain tokens and keys used to redeem valuable rewards and of course, magnificent powerful new beasts! The Season of Judgement will end on November 29th, 2022.

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