• 11-11-2022
  • Community Update, Feature

Summon Beasts in Clash of Beasts: Awakening

Greetings Beastmaster!

Clash of Beasts is a game dedicated to the discovery of incredible beasts with immense power. Over the last few months, we’ve received feedback from the community, and noticed ourselves too, that the process of unlocking beasts has room for improvement. For example, Tier beasts must be unlocked by training up parents and then breeding them. This calls for XP grinding beasts you then don’t find use for once you’ve progressed. Not only this, but if you select the ‘wrong’ parents, you might wind up investing time into leveling up two beasts and spend lots of Soul Shards on unlocking the next beast, only to find out there was a more efficient pairing. The whole experience isn’t very enjoyable or rewarding. With Clash of Beasts: Awakening, we’ve opted to totally reimagine the way players unlock beasts, and even changing them, making the beasts more efficient for long term use. In a future article, we’ll look at how we’re improving Beasts with our new progression systems, but today, we’re here to talk about unlocking beasts in Clash of Beasts: Awakening.

Let’s begin with the breeding mechanic which will be entirely replaced with a system which gives you the chance to unlock Soul Fragments & Soul Stones for any beast in the roster The beast you’ll unlock could be a Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, or even a Mythic beast! Soul Fragments are earned by spending a new currency, Summoning Scrolls, which will be used to commune with the gods. With every draw, you have a chance to either unlock a beast completely or receive an amount of Soul Fragments for a beast. Once you accumulate 20 Soul Fragments of a specific beast, a Soul Stone is formed, and you are able to summon the beast to your side to fight.

We’ll also have a Beast Featuring system, giving you increased odds of unlocking newly released beasts, and exclusive season beasts for a limited time period. This becomes a part of our improved way to introduce new beasts to the game, replacing Tier releases. Beast releases will happen much more frequently! Once we release a new beast, it will be featured for a period, making it easier to obtain during this time. Rest assured, if you are unable to summon the beast after a specific number of attempts, our new system will automatically unlock it for you, making it so every attempt to unlock it is progress towards that goal!

So, you might ask what happens if you don’t unlock the beast, you really want? The answer to your worries is the Fragment Trader! Every time you spend the Summoning Scrolls to summon beasts, you’ll also earn a resource called Remnants. There will be 5 variants of Remnants, one for each God alignment. These remnants can be used to directly unlock Soul Fragments for the beast you want in the Altar, which means you are always getting closer to the beasts you seek!

And that’s all for this article. Check back soon for more news about the big upcoming changes in Clash of Beasts!


Thanatos – Lead Community Manager

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