• 26-04-2022
  • Announcement, Patchnotes

Tier 6 Release – Patch Notes

Today’s update brings loads of new content! The release of Tier VI beasts, player level cap increase to level 125, and a whole bunch of additional levels for your base’s buildings. With it, we also bring the balancing changes promised on April 6th for our Season 0 beasts. These changes impact all the Season 0 beasts and bring their balance in line with Seasons 1 and 2 beasts. To be specific, the rebalancing includes reductions to the beast’s HP and attack power. These changes are overwhelmingly more present on lower levels, and the maximum level Season 0 beasts remain formidable.

Aside from the balancing changes to Season 0, you can find the new updates below:

– New beast tier released – Tier VI
– We’ve increased the max player level from 100 to 125
– New Achievements have been added to coincide with the new content.

– Architect Study building requirement changes:
Level 14 requirement changed from: 1x tier 5 beast to 7x tier 4 beasts
Level 15 requirement changed from: 3x tier 5 beast to 1x tier 5 beast
Level 16 requirement changed from: 1x tier 6 beast to 3x tier 5 beasts
Level 17 requirement changed from: 3x tier 6 beasts to 5x tier 5 beasts
Finally, we’ve also added three new levels 18. 19 & 20

– Increased max level for buildings and defensive towers:
Essence Well: Max level 36
Gold Mine: Max level 36
Resource Silo: Max level 18
Soul Forge: Max level 8
Bestiary: Max level 41
Gaia Tower: Max level 33
Haala Tower: Max level 33
Slern Tower: Max level 33
Theras Tower: Max level 33
Vorm Tower: Max level 33
Leech Tower: Max level 33
Razor Tower: Max level 37
Barrel Tower: Max level 37
Spirit Tower: Max level 28
Stun Tower: Max level 33
Taunt Tower: Max level 33
Void Cannon Tower: Max level 29
Void Inferno Tower: Max level 29

– We have also made some adjustments and reduced some of the requirements needed to complete Daily Quests.

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