• 08-03-2023
  • Event

Towering Defenses Event

Commander! The time is right to fortify our city, preparing for the onslaught of our foes.

Produce Supplies then spend them to build and upgrade towers to progress in the event and earn individual prizes. Climb the event leaderboard, and claim even more fantastic rewards! 

Towering Defenses, our second new event, has arrived! The time is now to strengthen your defenses, and bolster your abilities to repel enemy attacks! Event points are awarded for completing construction and upgrades of your city’s towers using Supplies, and count towards your event ranking. Please note, event points are not rewarded for upgrading buildings other than Towers in your city, for example, your Gold Mine. Collect rewards for individual milestones reached, and climb the event leaderboard to beat other players to coveted prizes, fortifying your city to become an impenetrable force as you go.

Much like Gold Raid, careful strategy is needed. To get the most of this event, produce Supplies in the most efficient ways to coincide with your activity. Know you’re going to be online for a while doing some PvP runs? Make sure to queue 5 minute Supplies production and get the best output. Time to head off for a few hours? Queue longer productions so they’re ready for collection once you get back ingame! Also, don’t forget your speed up timers! Use them strategically to quickly complete constructions, and propel your progress to victory over all!

Don’t forget, to access events, you need to have first unlocked the Clans & Events research in your Research Academy. Once done, you’ll find the new Events interface by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner of your screen, just above the attack button. The Towering Defenses event will run for 4 days, and once over, you’ll have 24 hours to claim your individual and leaderboard rewards, so make sure you return, and collect those hard earned gains!

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