• Affinity-Haala
  • Role-Mage
  • I
    Tier I

There is a tree deep in the Gravesear Desert. A towering, branched behemoth set atop a plateau. Many travelers have found themselves drawn to it, hoping to find a hidden oasis… but are shocked to discover the tree is made not of wood, but twisted iron. Those who are faithful to Haala, however, will know this to be the Traitor’s Gift – an enormous edifice upon which beasts and humanoids alike are pinned for turning against Haala. There, they writhe in arcs of endless, rejuvenating lightning, kept alive and in agony by the will of the goddess they forsook. Owlknights are among the creatures honored to guard the Gift and, most importantly, imprison those who betray Haala in its electrifying embrace.

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Triple Blast

The beast fires up to three projectiles in one volley at targets. Drag your finger to lock targets and attack.

Burning Strike

Calls down bolts of primal fire from the skies, burning nearby towers!

Resist Razor Tower

(Passive) Resists 15% of all damage dealt by Razor Towers!