• Affinity-Gaia
  • Role-Mage
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    Tier I

As long as the growth of nature is protected, Gaia is content to let her peers squabble and fight – to say nothing of their many followers (or hers!). When nature is threatened, however, her wrath knows no equal – and to that end, she has empowered many towering guardians in the New World to heed her call should the need arise. One of these titans is Lunaros – a being of pure Gaian magic, woven from the forest itself. Until it is needed, it sleeps, and has done so for centuries, growing moss and bark like a winter coat. Since the Old World found the New, however, it has had not a moment’s rest – and with the disturbing discoveries of the mercenary companies, it has been desperate to halt their efforts, before it, too, is captured by their essence-fueled magic and beastmasters…

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Triple Blast

The beast fires up to three projectiles in one volley at targets. Drag your finger to lock targets and attack.

Summon Beast

Summons a minion to aid the beast in battle! The minion will target defenses and take hits until it’s too damaged to continue!

Poison Blast

Launches a noxious orb of poison, dealing instant damage to all defenses in an area around the impact point, along with additional damage over time!