• Affinity-Theras
  • Role-Tank
  • S
    Tier S

After witnessing the carnage and destruction caused by the savage conquerors of the lower lands of Veren. Each of the five gods summoned their most trusted ancient champion beasts to enact judgement upon the brutal aggressor armies.

For Theras, this was Coba, the impenetrable sapphire drake, who’s sheer strength and resilience was unmatched, even amongst the other four celestial crystal beasts.

Exclusive – Season of Judgement

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Fire Breath

The beast fires a continuous stream of damage. Touch and drag to attack.

Sapphire Shield

Three crystal shields rotate around the beast protecting it from incoming attacks. When all shields break, the beast will recover some HP. If the beast’s soul is charged, the amount of HP recovered will be increased.


The beast emits a powerful shockwave, damaging and stunning all towers ahead of it. If the beast’s soul is charged, the stun duration will be increased.

Blessing of Theras

(Passive) Theras embeds a piece of her soul within the beast, granting it additional resistance against incoming damage from god towers. The soul gains power with each tower destroyed. After 3 towers have been destroyed, the soul becomes fully charged, emphasizing the effects of all other spells.


The beast recovers some mana. If the beast’s soul is charged, the amount of mana regained will be increased.