• Affinity-Gaia
  • Role-Berserker
  • S
    Tier S

Veren’s “beasts”, as they have come to be known, are typically alchemically forged from fragments of faded beast souls, resurrected by the land’s mysterious essence. However, the true origin of the five crystal drakes remains shrouded in mystery. It is rumored that these beasts are the physical embodiment of the gods themselves, and that the gods entrusted within each of them, a piece of their own soul. Jadril, was chosen by Gaia to fulfil this purpose, and to execute her will on those who would seek to desecrate the natural lands of Veren.

*Exclusive – Season of Judgement

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Fire Beam

The beast charges up a powerful blast that penetrates multiple targets. To deal the most damage, wait for it to charge, then tap to attack!

Shard Surge

The beast summons a wave of crystal shards from the ground, damaging all towers in its path. If the beast’s soul is charged, the wave will deal additional damage.

Critical Rage

(Passive) In its rage, when the beast causes a critical hit, it will gain mana through the void.

Blessing of Gaia

(Passive) Gaia embeds a piece of her soul within the beast, granting it additional resistance against incoming damage from god towers. The soul gains power with each tower destroyed. After 3 towers have been destroyed, the soul becomes fully charged, emphasizing the effects of all other spells.

Emerald Explosion

A crystal shard will be expelled forward from the beast and explode damaging all towers in the area. During this time, the beast’s normal attack will leech HP. If the beast’s soul is charged, the leech effect will be extended.