• Affinity-Gaia
  • Role-Rouge
  • II
    Tier II

The trees shake; the leaves have barely even begun their descent before scaled death emerges from the forest, striking with poisoned fangs and merciless speed. The Hooded Basilisk, one of the largest serpents of the New World, is a constant danger to those who would brave Gaia’s woods – but many do so in the hopes of encountering not this creature, but its nest… It is said that the egg of a Hooded Basilisk is filled with the most potent form of its poison – a venom so deadly it can endanger even the gods themselves. None have, so far, managed to test this theory, but Harsith has grown fat off those who have tried…

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Mask top
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Deadly Strikes

The beast fires a high powered, focused strike at a target. Keep tapping to attack. Consumes stamina.

Poison Lash

A mighty whip of its tail wipes out anything within range. If they survive, the poison will finish them off!

Resist Razor Tower

(Passive) Resists 15% of all damage dealt by Razor Towers!