• Affinity-Vorm
  • Role-Tank
  • V
    Tier V

Dragons dwell in the darkness of mountains – perhaps to greedily better protect their stashes of gold, or perhaps to cool their furnace-like bodies. It is said that the older the dragon, the hotter they burn, and the deeper they dwell. Legends speak of a dragon named Hellstorm – older than most, younger than few, yet nevertheless majestic. Unlike many during the cataclysm, he was not released by the sundering of the land – he was trapped by it. It was only millennia later, as new people came across to the new continent, meddling and mining its lands, that Hellstorm was released once again, to the detriment of those that had just settled.

Mask top
Mask top
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Fire Breath

The beast fires a continuous stream of damage. Touch and drag to attack.

Tank Payback

The first time the skill is cast, the beast’s attack power increases. The second time the skill is cast, the beast unleashes an AoE stun + damage to towers.

Furious Recovery

Removes all debuffs from the beast and heals it!

Resist Razor Tower

(Passive) Resists 15% of all damage dealt by Razor Towers!