• Affinity-Haala
  • Role-Tank
  • III
    Tier III

The creatures of Theras – indeed, even the Lady of Lore herself – have a reputation for wisdom, arcane power, and logic. She and all her kin are often seen as aloof, but cultured. Methisis, the great Sphinx, is by all appearances no different. However, for all its intelligence and poise, it is proof that none of those qualities require that their owner be kind. The stone facade of Methisis hides an insidious soul, for this creature is a murderer on a vast – yet selective – scale. Fancying itself a scientist, it enjoys cataloguing and collecting specimens for its research, hunting only sapient creatures as it formulates a grand theory of consciousness… all while pinning its carefully-dissected subjects into an endless hall of glass cases, each a frozen tableau of measured suffering. Methisis tells itself it takes no pleasure in its work – that it is entirely in the interests of pursuing deeper truths – yet if that were true, one might wonder why it has made no meaningful advancements in centuries…

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Mask top
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Fire Breath

The beast fires a continuous stream of damage. Touch and drag to attack.

Stone Skin

Decreases all projectile-based damage dealt to this beast by 30%.


Regeneration restores the beast’s health over time.