• Affinity-Slern
  • Role-Tank
  • II
    Tier II

Rattlegasp is no mere undead – it is a horrific amalgam of fallen beasts and warriors, their spirits shredded and skins merged in a place of dark sorcery and necrotic energy: The Voidmire. A pitch-black swamp, torn into what was once the heart of the Precursors’ civilization, the Voidmire calls to travelers near and far, a distant voice whispering of vast gifts and power for those who wade into its obsidian clutches. Those who enter rarely return – and when they do, it is only as terrible shadows of their former selves. Occasionally, the Voidmire will heave and bubble, expelling undead horrors composed of its unfortunate victims. So it was with Rattlegasp, a gestalt of beastly flesh and broken mercenary minds, bound together by essence and stitched back into the New World’s web of life, seemingly for no purpose other than to wreak havoc upon it…

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Mask top
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Fire Breath

The beast fires a continuous stream of damage. Touch and drag to attack.

HP Shield

Casts a shield around the beast that will absorb all incoming damage until it becomes overloaded and deactivates.

Healing Beacon

Applies a healing effect to a tower, in turn healing the beast that eventually destroys it (which doesn’t have to be the beast that cast it)!