• Affinity-Theras
  • Role-Mage
  • II
    Tier II

Wortan, the Last of His Tribe, was empowered by sight beyond and mystic memory! He carries with him the Orbs of Worklon – a triumvirate of powers that his tribe were tasked to protect. Tragically, the custodians of each of the Orbs fell in a great purge. With each fallen custodian, an orb was passed on to another, until just one held all three: Wortan’s mentor, Talonbreach. Talonbreach and Wortan roamed the skies, taking turns carrying the orbs, passing it on to the other if they needed rest, while never allowing the orbs to be within danger on land. This went on for centuries, until one day, Talonbreach never returned from one of his rests. Since then, Wortan has been the sole protector of the orbs, and the powers within them.

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Triple Blast

The beast fires up to three projectiles in one volley at targets. Drag your finger to lock targets and attack.


Fires a blazing projectile at a chosen point that explodes on impact, damaging all targets in an area around it.


Creates an illusory duplicate of the beast that will take damage in its place. Dissipates once it suffers too much damage.