• 19-07-2024
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Changes to Event Schedule

Hello Beastmasters,

As we edge closer to the conclusion of the Season of  the Ancients, we want to give everyone the best opportunity to progress, and unlock all of the rewards in the Season Pass. To assist with this, we will be updating the event schedule from June 3rd, to make it so an event is ongoing at all times!

The adjusted schedule also includes small balancing changes to the event milestones themselves, giving all players more rewards for their participation and completion of events, and provides new players the necessary extra boost to grow and complete the Season Milestones!

Below you can see the event schedule for the remainder of the Season of the Ancients, with the start and end dates of each event. There will no longer be a break between events, and once one ends, the next event will immediately begin.


Towering Defenses 3 days 03/06/2024
Remnant Reign 4 days 06/06/2024
Gold Raid 3 days 10/06/2024
Relic Hunt 4 days 13/06/2024
Remnant Reign 3 days 17/06/2024
Towering Defenses 4 days 20/06/2024
Relic Hunt 3 days 24/06/2024
Gold Raid 4 days 27/06/2024
Towering Defenses 3 days 01/07/2024
Remnant Reign 4 days 04/07/2024
Gold Raid 3 days 08/07/2024
Relic Hunt 4 days 11/07/2024


The change to schedule does not impact Jewel Forge Clan Event, which will remain on the same cadence as before.

To celebrate the Season of the Ancients, we’re going to be giving away a Premium Season Pass Tickets and 30 Season Scrolls for 10 lucky winners! Head on over to here to enter the giveaway and be in with a chance to unlock the Premium Season Pass rewards line. The contest will run from now until June 3rd, and winners will be selected and contacted via email with their unique code.

The Clash of Beasts Team


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