• 12-01-2022
  • Update

Season of Exploration

Beastmaster, the Season of Exploration is upon us.

Following the mysterious exodus of the precursor civilization, various indigenous tribes and clans throughout the dense forest and jungles of Veren began to expand across the lands, growing in strength and population. As their expansion continued to span further across the lands, inevitably tribes began to stumble across abandoned remains of old precursor installations, and with them, the secrets and teachings that were held within.

So sparked a new era of tribal beastmasters, channeling the ancient precursor knowledge that once enabled them to control and breed Veren’s gigantic and ferocious beasts. A natural power, once viewed as demonic and unnatural, develops to become the new way of progress for these thriving tribes, controlling colossal jungle creatures, utilizing them as a tool for development and defense.

By that time though, progress never stopped or reset on the lower lands, and these sky tribes were not aware of the impending threat that lurked below…

Uncover the mysteries hidden deep within the dense jungles of Veren. Five ancient and visceral new tribal beasts await you. The Season of Exploration will commence with two brand new Legendary Beast Branches, with two more Mythic Branches and a further Legendary to follow later into the season.

Make sure to participate in as many events as possible throughout the season to gain tokens and keys used to redeem valuable rewards and of course, magnificent powerful new beasts! The season of Exploration will end on April 5th, 2022.

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