• Affinity-Haala
  • Role-Tank
  • I
    Tier I

The New World has a tremendous variety of dragons, including many metallics, but none are so unique as Elentara the Silver Dragon, for she is the only one of her aligned kin to have CHOSEN to follow a god, rather than have divinity forced upon them. Elentara sought out Haala of her own volition, embraced her, and swore fealty to her cause for the rest of her life. There are those who whisper that Elentara fell sway to false promises and parlor tricks, but within the highest ranks of Haala’s faith, the truth is known: deep within a guarded vault at the heart of Haala’s domain, there lies a unique dragon’s egg, its shell a prismatic shimmer of shifting colors, that has been incubating for centuries. Elentara made a pact with Haala to follow her, so long as she could raise the offspring of that egg – a pact which she has no intentions of betraying, even for a moment. And so, she waits, and dreams of what may hatch…

Mask top
Mask top
Layer 2
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Fire Breath

The beast fires a continuous stream of damage. Touch and drag to attack.

Explosive Shield

Generates a shield around the beast that decreases damage received, and generates a damaging AoE blast when it breaks!


Removes all debuffs from the beast.

Stun Resist

(Passive) Gives this beast a 30% chance to resist stun effects!

Finisher - Heavenly Impact

Heavenly light shines upon the beast, nullifying any damage received while converting it into healing!