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When Gaia looked upon the blasphemy of Ar’Kanos, she was aghast; horrified by the cold brutality of Theras and the suffering of her beloved Dryad Queen. While she set her forces against the Lady of Logic, she also resolved to prove that the ‘experiment’ of the Golem was foolish – a meaningless travesty – and to do so, she crafted a consciousness out of the natural web itself, then bound it to rock and stone. Immediately, the land heaved and came to life in the form of a towering elemental of earthen might – with no need to sacrifice the mind and soul of a guardian of nature. Theras, of course, was unimpressed, citing the need for rigorous scientific methodology, to which Gaia responded by having her new elemental throw very large rocks. They did not part on good terms.

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Fire Breath

The beast fires a continuous stream of damage. Touch and drag to attack.


Rocks the battlefield with a blast of seismic force, damaging and stunning towers!