• Affinity-Haala
  • Role-Rouge
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    Tier S

If the beasts of this new world are impressive, the higher beasts are something else entirely. These are the most formidable of the gigantic creatures. Rarer, wiser, more powerful. Jaginda, Priestess of Pain, is one of those. Like her lesser form cousins, she revels in hiding and pouncing. How, you may ask, can she do so at such a size? Veren is home not only to massive fauna, but gargantuan flora as well. Our expeditions deeper into Veren have brought us to the Dark Wilds. We have lost many a scholar during our jungle treks. The Dark Wilds are a forest of giant trees and bushes. The perfect breeding ground for predators of this magnitude.

Jaginda has staked her claim on much of the eastern stretch. Her prey? Not just humans, nor even regular fauna. It is other beasts that she preys on. Pouncing on them from the canopy tops, leaving no chance for them. She has adorned herself with trophies of her victims. Armor, bones, tusks, feathers all cover her body making her more ferocious looking with every triumph.

The Priestess of Pain is a favored summon of the local peoples around the Wilds. While they have stayed clear of the Dark Wilds, they have never hesitated to call upon her when needed, knowing she would answer their summons not for their sakes, but for the thrill of the hunt and the hunger for yet another trophy on her increasingly crowded body. What better way to protect a village from a beast attack than to summon another to defend it.
Our forays into the depths of the Wilds have proven perilous. Our suspicions of their being a connection between the villagers and this Jaginda are all but confirmed.

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Rogue Fragile Attack

Normal attacks make the target fragile for a while.

Piercing Pounce

The beast pounces forward, damaging any towers ahead of it. The ability can be used again to follow up with a piercing roar, inflicting damage on all surrounding towers.

Adaptable Nature

The spell can be toggled to provide immunity against either beam attacks or projectiles. With each toggle, the beast will gain some mana.


Consumes all rogue energy, then heals the beast based on the energy spent. The more energy consumed, the more HP will be recovered. The beast will also gain a boost to rogue energy regeneration.


Forces the targeted tower to attack other nearby towers. The spell is broken if the tower is attacked by the beast.