• Affinity-Gaia
  • Role-Berserker
  • S
    Tier S

The marshes of KazaTud have always been a breeding ground for Slern beasts. While all the spawn of Slern are horrifying creatures to behold, there’s something particularly unsettling about those that have emerged from KazaTud. Perhaps it’s sludge-like mix of mud, nutrients, and essence.

One such abomination is Todakonuwe. Slern spawn are particularly aggressive to one another – unlike beasts of other divine followings – and Todakonuwe is no exception. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find many other beasts at all in KazaTud anymore. Only those that Todakonuwe felt could… amuse him.

With time, even those creatures grew boring for him. He ventured further than the marsh’s frontier towards the lush jungles watched over by Gaia. The lush god saw the turmoil within his soul, and seeked to comfort him. With time, it became home, and he became its champion, defending it against raids by those loyal to Slern.

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Fire Beam

The beast charges up a powerful blast that penetrates multiple targets. To deal the most damage, wait for it to charge, then tap to attack!

Poison Slash

Damages, stuns, and poisons towers in front of it. The ability can be used again to follow up with a leaping attack.

Critical Shock

(Passive) When the beast makes a critical attack, the targets get stunned and poisoned for a while.


It creates an HP shield, increasing mana regeneration while the shield is in place. When the shield is gone, the beast will recover some mana.

Resist Void Cannon Tower

(Passive) Resists 15% of all damage dealt by Void Cannon towers.