• Affinity-Haala
  • Role-Tank
  • S
    Tier S

Once a peaceful and slothful giant, Hadir, like other strong and hefty beasts, was sought out, captured and weaponized by the mercenary clans of the lower lands of Veren. With each segment of heavy molten armor plating that her captors painfully and permanently affixed into her hide, she would let loose a scream, expelling not only a cry of emotion, but also also forever losing a part of the tender peace that once defined her.

Her fate was to become nothing more than a subservient weapon, fueled by the anger that now defined her very existence.

*Exclusive: Season 2

Mask top
Mask top
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Fire Breath

The beast fires a continuous stream of damage. Touch and drag to attack.

Steel Skin (passive)

(Passive) The beast starts the battle with a multi-layered protective shield. When the first shield is depleted, it will damage the area around it. When the second is depleted, it will stun any surrounding towers.

Engine Boost

Buffs the beast to increase both damage resistance and damage output. If the beast destroys a tower whilst the buff is active, it will reset the duration of the buff’s effect.

Destruction Balance

Applies a healing and mana beacon to a targeted tower, which in turn grants an instant boost of health and mana to the beast which eventually destroys it.

Steam Wave

The beast smashes into the ground to cause a shockwave, damaging and confusing all towers in front of it.