• Affinity-Vorm
  • Role-Mage
  • S
    Tier S

Before their assault upon the floating islands of Veren, the lower-land clans utilized Skalamis, as they did with the other scolopendromorphic beasts, as tools for mining the molten caves of Kel’adin for the precious raw minerals and ores that it held within. Like her sisters, Skalamis was equipped with searing weaponry. Aggressively thrashing from all sides, she would tear and burrow through bedrock like a relentless steam locomotive. Unfortunately for the tribes of the floating islands, when the time came for the great invasion, this creature of charging chaos was all too familiar with her role of plowing through anything that showed signs of resistance.

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Mask top
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Triple Blast

The beast fires up to three projectiles in one volley at targets. Drag your finger to lock targets and attack.


Damages towers in the target area, any towers left standing after the attack will be marked. When marked towers are destroyed, the attacking beast will gain some mana.

Safety Shield

The beast will gain an HP shield. When the HP shield expires, the beast will recover some HP.

Blinding Sparks

(Passive) Every once in a while, the beast will ignite a blinding flash of light, stunning a random nearby tower.


The beast hurls a spinning blade towards the target. In its aggression, the beast also gains a temporary attack boost.